Take Charge of Your World

Students sitting in a circle holding a ringCadets participate in STEM related activities developed by the camp's coordinators. The activities are hands-on, student-led, team-based challenges that teach the students an overarching theme in STEM education. Since 2015, a Geosciences graduate student at MSU has led the student activities where students are taught about the basics and principles of vectors.

One of the projects included is the "Four-Way Tug-of-War." As the name suggests, four groups of students pull in four different directions. This activity presents an opportunity for competition and to teach the campers about force vectors.

Students in a meetingAnother project called “Big Mouth Tumbler” allowed the cadets to build and fly an ultra-light and ultra-efficient paper glider. By walking behind the glider with a large foam board, the cadets learned to deflect enough air to keep the glider airborne. The cadets were exposed to the physics behind how the unique gliders were able to fly, especially in regards to the vectors present during flight. Cadets also utilized problem solving and communication skills in order to successfully fly the glider in the time provided. The purpose of this exercise was to expose cadets to the physics behind how this unique glider is able to fly, especially in regards to the vectors present during flight.

These real life activities are designed to help you improve your understanding of STEM and better enable you to Take Charge of Your World.