Applying for LeaderState

Congratulations! You are entering the leaderSTATE application process. Thank you for identifying specific students who have what it takes to become our next generation of leaders. If you are a JROTC instructor who wishes to enroll specific students in leaderSTATE, please continue. If you want more information about details related to the leaderSTATE Camp, please contact  Rev. Le'Roy Davenport at or (662) 325-2691.

Please consider the following factors when selecting the four (4) students from your organization. Please select students who are rising 10th, 11th, or 12th graders. Please select students with the following attributes: an impeccable character; a keen sense of responsibility; a willingness to work hard to achieve honorable goals. If possible, please select two (2) male and two (2) female students. Please select only those students who you know will follow through with their commitment to attend leaderSTATE. Please discuss this opportunity with each student and their parents in detail before you complete the application.

When you click the continue button at the bottom of this page, you will begin the application process and be asked to provide the following information: Your contact information. The name and contact information for each student that you select to attend leaderSTATE. The session your cohort of students will attend. Remember, all students registered within each application will attend the same leaderSTATE session. After you complete the online application, we ask that you continue to make sure the students stay committed to attending leaderSTATE. To ensure student follow-through, you will be asked to help students complete their paper work and return the necessary forms to Mississippi State University.

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